We are Cloudcomment

Our team consists of five people who have been in the marketing field for several years. Over time we were able to learn a few tricks and know how to use them perfectly to gain significantly more followers and listeners.

The principle is very simple : people mostly listen to tracks that have a lot of comments/likes. The more activities a track has, the more interesting it is for other users. This is where we come in! We have users to help you create more interactions in your account. Most online platforms sell spam comments from fake accounts abroad. Comments that don't match your music style are sometimes completely pointless. We carefully ensure that all comments are accurate and that you are 100% satisfied.

Our Service

    We treat our orders very discreetly. Our service is 100% safe. It will never be noticed that you have used our service. The comments are tailored to your music style and are published by real users.

  • Comments

    Real comments tailored to your music style!

  • Plays

    More plays make your song even more interesting for other users.

  • Likes

    Likes are very important because our users have a lot of followers. Basically, all followers will see that your song has been liked.

  • Repost

    By reposting you get even more interactions. You will quickly notice that your stats will increase significantly.

Discretion is important to us!

Our clientele includes internationally booked DJs and top artists who have been working with us for years. Many labels trust in our work and our discretion. We do not publish or store any data. You buy the package you want from us and send us your link. We'll do the rest for you.

Every artist started small. The acts that we are currently supporting have significantly increased in popularity over time. Anyone who invested some money saw positive effects after a few months. We have long-term contracts with the most famous artists, where we only focus on your accounts. Try our service now!

You can also book the basic package at a special price!

Secure connection!

All data at Cloudcomment is transmitted with SSL encryption. There are numerous running processes in the background to ensure secure transmission. Communicate with a protected connection between participating computers completely via the encrypted SSL structure.

Does it stand out? No!

  • Organic Delivery

    With organic delivery, the package you have chosen will be spread over several days.

  • No login data required

    For our service we only need the links to your songs or DJ sets. No login data is required!

  • 24 hour support

    We usually answer your questions within 24 hours. Should it take a little longer, we ask for your patience.

  • European Users

    Our users come from Germany and have been an active part of the community for years.

  • No ban since 2013!

    Since Cloudcomment started, not a single song or user has been banned.

  • Secure payment with PayPal

    Including buyer protection. If you don't like the service, we'll refund you the purchase amount within 48 hours without any ifs or buts.

Our packages

After purchase, you will be immediately redirected to send your links to us


  • 29$
    incl. VAT
    One-time payment
  • 1 - 6 Tracks / DJ Sets
  • Plays :
  • Comments : 5
  • Reposts : 30
  • Likes : 30
  • European Users
  • Delivery :
  • Distribution on up to
    up to 6 songs:


  • 39$
    incl. VAT
    One-time payment
  • 1 - 8 Tracks / DJ Sets
  • Plays : 7000 - 10000
  • Comments : 10
  • Reposts : 70
  • Likes : 70
  • European Users
  • Delivery :
  • Distribution on up to
    up to 8 songs:

Express 72h

  • 49$
    incl. VAT
    One-time payment
  • 1 - 15 Tracks / DJ Sets
  • Number of Plays :
  • Comments : 25
  • Reposts : 100
  • Likes : 100
  • European Users
  • Delivery :
  • Distribution on up to
    up to 15 songs:

Are you insane?!

  • 159$
    incl. VAT
    One-time payment
  • 1 - 20 Tracks / DJ Sets
  • Number of Plays :
  • Comments : 50
  • Reposts : 275
  • Likes : 275
  • European Users
  • Delivery :
  • Distribution on up to
    up to 20 songs:


  • One-time payment

  • Delivery :
  • All prices include VAT